Dayba Manged Interenet Security

tree in fieldBack in the summer of 2004 Microsoft launched their "3 steps to protecting your pc" campaign.

1. Use an internet firewall
2. Get Computer Updates
3. Use Up-to-date Antivirus package

As soon as people applied these steps "hackers" had to move on and find another way of achieving their goals. So they turned to using Spyware and other new forms of malicious software to attack computers. At Dayba we came to the conclusion that 2 more steps were needed to protect your computer.

Introducing Spyware and Malware

There is nothing new about spyware but what was once just an annoying way of advertisers making money out of us, has now become a hideous monster that lets hackers install malicious software without our knowledge.

All the big software security firms have released packages to respond to this threat.

In addition to removing spyware, anti spyware packages also mop up other malware that anti virus checkers miss, like the infamous premium rate telephone diallers.

Dayba's 5 steps

Dayba's 5 steps

  1. Firewall
  2. Virus checker
  3. Anti-Spyware Package
  4. Update software
  5. Ensure software stays up-to-date
  1. Firewall

    Make sure there is a firewall between your computer and the internet. This is the equivalent of shutting your curtains so a burglar can't see what is inside your house.

  2. Virus checker

    This is your computer's first line of defence and stops malicious files being written to your computer.

  3. Anti-Spyware Package

    Anti-Spyware software primarily looks for the settings that cause damage; it also acts as a second line of defence in finding things that your virus checker misses.

  4. Update software

    Make sure that any software you often use is up-to-date. When manufactures become aware that someone has hacked their software they will release an update to fix it. Microsoft releases these fixes through Microsoft Update, if you subscribe to this your computer will automatically get these fixes. Other manufactures will place messages on their websites.

  5. Ensure this software remains up-to-date and is working

    Nearly all the computers we see with infection problems are due to the software that protects them going out of date. To explain this in more detail we have produced a page devoted to the importance of being up-to-date

How Dayba can help

If all this sounds confusing or too much for you, you can always ring us at Dayba for some free advice. Alternatively if you don't want to have the worry of doing all this all yourself, we offer the following packages to provide reassurance and peace of mind.

PC health check

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When we do a health check on your pc,

And provide you with the peace of mind that your pc is in good health

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