Worry free antivirus - Dayba Managed Internet Security
Subscribing to Dayba Managed internet security means that you don’t have to worry that your virus checker is out of date again.

Worry free antivirus and computer security

This is like connecting your burglar alarm to the police

For more information call Dayba on 08192 750 186 or click here.

What makes Dayba Managed Internet Security better than the other virus checkers?

We look after it so you don’t have to, right down to installing the software for you.

In creating the security service we start off by picking one of the best antivirus, anti-spyware, firewall products on the market. Then we integrate it into our systems so that we can monitor it to ensure that it stays working correctly.

Unlike other managed antivirus packages if there is a problem we will contact you and help you in getting your protection working again.

We don’t use call centres and you have a dedicated account manager responsible for looking after you.

Example of the system in action

Prior to installing our system a customer had been getting an infection on their system 6-8 months.
Within weeks of installing our system it alerted us to an attack on the system coming from downloads hidden in popup messages.
We called the customer and asked them what were they doing on the PC at the time of the attack and got the answer,
“we weren’t, hang on our grandson was round,”
it turned out that he was searching for games, and clicking on anything that appeared. Also he visited his grandparents every 6-8 months.

Technical points

System requirements

For more information call Dayba on 08192 750 186 or click here.