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intro picWhether you need us to recommend a good provider or you have your own preference we can come to your house and get you connected to the internet.

Security implications of broadband

Unlike a traditional dialup connection, ADSL Broadband is connected all the time a computer is switched on. This means that hackers have plenty of time to get into your computer whilst you are not looking, which is why it is essential to have a Firewall between each computer and the internet as well as running Anti Virus and Anti Spyware software.

Telephone over the internet

With the rise of services like Skype and SIP, using the internet to call friends in far off places is becoming more popular. There is now hardware available that means you don’t have to have your computer switched on to use telephone over the internet.

One box does it all

Dayba can provide you will all the parts needed to get you connected to the internet, contact us to find out more.

Often the free modem that you get from your ISP when you sign up for a broadband connection will only connect one computer to the internet and offers very little protection against hackers. With these modems to connect a second computer to the internet requires the first computer to be switched on. You will also need a network connection between the two computers.

Companies like Netgear and 3com produce all in one products that have the following built in,

These have the following advantages,