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Today malicious software, (or software that seriously damages your system,) can come from, not just hacker and virus writers but a multitude of different sources, including large companies.

What is malware?

Malware is a generic term for any form of software that does malicious things to your computer. In very general terms, malware falls into two main types, software that intentionally damages your computer, an example of this would be a virus or software that uses your computer to do things that you would not want it to do.

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In recent years the aim of the people producing malware is to make money out of you in some form or another. As a result we are seeing less of the old viruses that destroy your system and an explosion of programs that are designed to hide on your system generating their owners money.

How to get rid of malware

Ok, so you have not managed to prevent your system becoming infected.

Often when one piece of malware gets onto your computer, it will try and disable your virus checker and download other pieces of malware. This is usually the point at which you start to notice that there is something wrong with your system.

If your virus checker or anti spyware software is not able to remove the offending piece of software then you have two choices, erase the system and lose all your data, or get into contact with us.

At Dayba not only do we remove the infection from your computer but we also take the greatest care to ensure that your data is not lost, and do our utmost to ensure that your system is fully working and up to date, when we hand it back to you.