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pile of booksLosing yourself in your favourite novel is a great way of relaxing but when it comes to digesting factual information people want to get to the information they need as quickly as possible. The cobweb nature of a websites allows readers to quickly navigate straight to this information.

Your Office Library in Your Bag

In today’s busy world we often don’t have the reference material to hand when we need it. Whether you are away from your desk or onsite visiting customers, it would be impractical to carry all of your reference material with you all of the time. However one thing people often have to hand is a computer or PDA. Publishing reference material electronically means that large quantities of information can quickly be at someone’s fingertips.

Engage a Broader Audience

Every person has their preferred method of digesting information; some people like to read every page from start to finish whilst others just read the first and last chapters. By giving the reader multiple ways of digesting a document, they are able to read it with whichever method suits them best. You can even grab the attention of those who are switched off by the printed word, with the use of sound and video clips.

Up-to-date Information

How many times have you lost money on a deal because the documents you used were out of date?

Using the web to publish and distribute information not only provides instant access to the most up-to-date content it also removes errors that occur when multiple copies of the same document need updating frequently.